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SEO Tips That Are Efficient for Your Blog Posts

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There is no better way to generate high quality traffic to your blog than search engine optimization. It gives you steady, long term results and doesn’t cost you anything. Only by writing blog posts that are SEO friendly can you hope to generate consistent search engine traffic.

You won’t get much search engine traffic by writing posts with no plan in mind. SEO has to be considered with every blog post you write, if you want to get significant results. There are a few proven strategies to help your blog posts rank more highly in the search engines, and we’ll be looking at a few of these in this article.

When you’re writing your blog post, make sure you write it around one single keyword or idea. Aside from your main keyword, look up several others that are synonyms. You should remember that Google looks for lateral semantic indexing (LSI) as it reads your posts. These LSI keywords are nothing but synonyms that relate to your primary keyword. Your posts should contain at least two of these aside from your primary keyword. You can improve the SEO of your posts by using keyword tools, such as Google’s to find LSI keywords. Your blog posts should have a variety of keywords for maximum SEO benefits. This is because repeating the same keyword over and over again will make it look like your keyword stuffing your content.

What the search engines really want to see with blog posts is good content, and this is really the main part of SEO. So create your content in such a way that it’s easily readable. A good way to do this is to write your post as a list of things such as tips, mistakes, steps, myths, etc. These are not only interesting to read but they also make your job easier. If you prefer writing in paragraphs rather than creating lists, you should make them as short as possible, as these are much easier to read than long, unbroken chunks of text.

Last but not the least, you can also try using audio in your blog posts because it adds more value. This could mean that you’re just recording a simple audio clip with relevant information or a recording of a podcast that you did. Once you get started playing with audio, you’ll find that there are many ways it can make your posts more exciting.

In conclusion, you are hopefully starting to understand how important it is to use SEO when you write blog posts. SEO isn’t very mysterious, it just takes some patience and hard work. As long as you keep moving forward and don’t give up, your efforts will be rewarded and you’ll start getting targeted visitors to your blog.

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